I felt the call to write. It was an unexpected call, I had no idea what I would possibly have to say, but turns out, my Soul was full of insight and possibilities and so I lent my hand and we began to write. These writings took on a life of their own and it felt good to consider Alternative Truths that were foreign to my prior knowledge. I call them Soulutions.

Here are a few Aphorisms of Soulutions

“Without fear a heart cannot be broken.”

“If you are finished with the fight, take off your armor, otherwise the battle will continue.”

“Let go of the idea that this is the one and only chance at what you perceive to be happiness, for to do this requires extreme compromise in your life.”

“Settle for nothing less than what you believe yourself to be about, and begin that agreement with yourself.”

“It is much safer to live from love, than self-protection.”

“Do not succumb to the insidious bondage of spiritual striving and the endless learning of lessons.”

“Until you see the perfection of right now, you will always be hungry for things you already have, but do not see.”

“All it takes to change the darkness to light is to open your eyes.”

“Morality changes according to current trend, Integrity is timeless right action.”

“To give up one thing so that you may have another is strictly a mental thought, not a Spiritual Truth.”

“Freedom is waiting on you; you are not waiting on freedom.”

“Rationale is dependent on your Truth.”

“Live a life contrary to who you are, and you will have a contrary life.”

“Experiences of the past hold no truth on the love before you now.”

“The Truth of Love will set you free from the slavery of the illusion that wealth is evil.”