Gateway Reading


Gateway Readings are shorter and less detailed than the Soul Purpose Readings, these Readings are a great introduction to understanding your animal.



Gateway Readings are much shorter and less detailed than the Soul Purpose Readings and unlike a Soul Purpose Reading; in a Gateway Reading the Human is invited to ask the animal questions about behaviors, attitudes, relationships or desires in the animal and how it relates to the Human. Because this is a short Reading, please limit to 3 questions.

These Readings provide information for animals and humans to step into deeper partnership and understanding through insight provided by the emotions, purpose, desires and challenges within the world of the animal.

This is an excerpt from a Gateway Reading, (shared with permission) with JC and Joyce; ‘

“I am fortunate, I have within my care a Human. She is within my care because she understands how this all works, and she is in my care because I know who she is, and she knows me. Together we create stability and purpose. I care for her; in ways she does not even know. I keep her within my holding of space in her daily life. I watch over her in her darkness. I believe that she is of great treasure, and I am fortunate to have this responsibility. It is my gift and my obligation. I came here for this.”

For the Reading I will need a close up photo of your animals eye, a body shot, gender and name, please send these in an email after purchase.

Please note: Animals usually do not speak to me about health concerns, but they do speak to me of their desires, their insight, their observation of their human and sometimes their frustration about life with humans. My work is to speak for the soul of the animal.