Animal Connection Consulting

Offering Insight on the Relationship between Animals and Humans.

My communication with animals seems to focus on purpose, desires, or self expression for themselves, their thoughts and concerns about their human, or what they want to support with their human. The information I receive is brilliant and extremely beneficial to partnership between animals and their human.

I do most Readings remotely as I find that human interference can compromise the Reading. The information I receive comes from my skills as a Clairsentient and Claircognizant Empath.

To do the Reading, I will need the name and gender of the animal and a close up photo of the eye and a full body shot. From there I ask the animal for permission to communicate.

Here are a few excerpts from Readings with different Animals:



Gateway Reading

Gateway Readings are much shorter and less detailed than the Soul Purpose Readings and unlike a Soul Purpose Reading; in a Gateway Reading the Human is invited to ask the animal questions about behaviors, attitudes, relationships or desires in the animal and how it relates to the Human. Because this is a short Reading, please limit to 3 questions.

These Readings provide information for animals and humans to step into deeper partnership and understanding through insight provided by the emotions, purpose, desires and challenges within the world of the animal.


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Horse facing us.

Coyote Wild Reading

Ready for some fun and mystical insight? Is your pet a Mystic, and what does your animal have to do with your Astrological Chart? Find out with a Coyote Wild Reading.

Animals have amazing messages to share with their Human! For this Coyote Wild Reading, pick a topic that you would like insight on, such as attitudes, behaviors, relationships, or desires of your pet, and then be prepared for the brilliant information they will share with you.

The Coyote Wild astrology reading will look at the nodes of the Moon and the way Mercury and other retrogrades are influencing your Soul’s Journey as a trickster.

These Readings provide an alternative look into the partnership you have with your pet that will help guide your relationship with wisdom, clarity on desires and challenges, and a good bit of humor.


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Auberon in Winter

Dancing with
the Dark Reading

This is a Reading that addresses our Shadow, and what is in the Darkness within our life. I do a Reading with your animal and Elisa Robyn will look at your astrology chart for information on your Shadow.

Animals have interesting and perceptive insight into how their Human dances with or does not dance with their Shadow. Our Shadow side is often perceived as being our weakness, something unpleasant or our destructive side, but perhaps not. As Humans we are often conditioned to minimize our brilliance, shun or differences and disown our uniqueness, so we sometimes keep these things in our Shadow. We can even find ways to dismiss their power and make them undesirable, making them something that we are ashamed of.

What we fail to notice is that even things we bring into the light, casts a Shadow, so there is no escaping Shadows. But we can embrace what the Shadow holds and learn to Dance in the Dark.

If you would like to understand more about your Shadow side and how to become partners with it, this Reading is for you!


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Soul Purpose Reading

Soul Purpose Readings are a direct communication from the Animal, they choose the topic and the words that they have come to share this lifetime. I find that Animals most often talk about their life purpose and that usually relates to their Humans purpose, as well as their concern or observations of their Human.

These Readings are in depth, personal and compelling. After I communicate with the Animal I write the Invitation, this is where I harmonize information from within the Reading with practical application, the Animal is still involved in this. This process makes them highly personal and accurate, most Readings take 3-4 hours to channel and translate for the Animal.

Each Soul Purpose Reading is delivered in a PDF and Readings average 11 – 18 pages, each Reading includes a follow-up conversation with me.


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